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Sea Trek Cayman operates from a floating platform just North of George Town ...
Monday - Friday when cruise ships are in we are generally sold out from 7:30 to 1:30.


When the design team at Sub Sea Systems envisioned the Sea Trek experience, their first priority was to create a system so safe and easy to use that even participants with little or no swimming ability would have the opportunity to safely and comfortably explore the underwater world.


With that goal in mind they set to work building a system with multiple redundant reserve air supplies based on twin compressors augmented by a series of air cylinders in addition to a safety diver program which ultimately provides for four distinct levels of back up.


All Sea Trek adventures are supervised by a professionally trained Sea Trek Guide, following established company standards and procedures. The Sea Trek experience includes a thorough safety briefing and is considered to be a 'Soft Adventure'.


Air Arrivals

Please email or call us to set up a reservation. When emailing/calling please provide us with the following information


Cruise Arrivals

Customers arriving on the Cruise Lines listed below must book these excursions through their shore excursion teams. VIEW MORE

Group Information

Please contact us for groups of 10 or more for group pricing.


Guest Book

  • The Brzezinskis (Oxford, MI)

    08 April 2013 05:34 PM Carnival Freedom - SeaTrek Grand Cayman

    Our family had an incredible time with your team. It was the 1 excursion we looked forward to the most and it more then lived up to the hype and it is the 1 excursion we aer bragging about the most. It is something my family will remember the rest of their lives! Mom/Dad (40), Girls (12/10).

  • Norm Sheahan

    18 March 2013 11:37 AM Seatrek Cayman

    My grandson Matthew and I were thrilled with our Seatrek experience. Absolutely the highlight of our 5 day cruise on the Jewel of the Seas.

  • Erynne Hallock

    11 March 2013 01:50 PM SeaTrek

    We visited Grand Cayman last week from the Carnival Glory and spent an *** hour with the SeaTrek crew. I am slightly claustrophobic, not a big fan of fish and scared of open, deep water. I couldn't believe I was going to do this! I can't stress enough how *** the staff was. They are right by your side the whole way and the experience was incredible, in fact, I can't get it out of my mind! The best part is, not only did I conquer some fears (or at least push them aside for a while), but the feeding of the fish was my favorite.....along with the staff, of course. I'll have to go back and try next!

  • Valerie Reese

    19 February 2013 09:47 PM Shipwreck

    My husband and I took the Shipwreck excursion on Feb 13,2013. It was AWESOME. Our guide was great. He pointed out a turtle and fish that we may not have seen. He also took pictures of us with our underwater cameras. We would definately do this again. If you want to see video visit my YouTube account. My user name is ValReese1 and the public may view my videos. Feel free to repost them if you would like to share them.

  • Vicky McDougal

    18 February 2013 11:16 AM Sea Trek, Cayman Island

    This was the most awesome experience I've ever had. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to see life in the sea and Sea Trek definitely made my dream come true. It was beautiful, so if you have the opportunity to try it you would be crazy not to. Thanks SeaTrek team you were great.